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a phone playing an animated video lying on an open sketchbook

The Duke Alumni Association hired me to create an animation to promote their new website.

The purpose of the video was to inform alumni of site upgrades in a way that would compel them to take advantage of the tool. I executed all stages of the project except for audio, including copy, illustration, and animation.

I worked closely with representatives from the Alumni Association and sought frequent feedback to ensure a final product that satisfied the client.

The goal: Persuade alumni to use the new site.

Our strategy: Stay away from descriptions of specific website features or changes and instead emphasize the site’s function. Tell the story of three individuals, each connected to Duke in a different way. Explain a challenge they are facing in life, and finally, present the new DukeAlumni.com as a tool that can help solve these problems.

I am very happy with the overall concept and illustrations in the final product.

The copy effectively conveys the purpose of the new website: to help alumni stay connected. With a longer timeline, I would have loved to spend additional time on the execution of the animation itself to add a wider variety of movement and effects.

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