sketches, seashells, and a tablet next to flyers I designed in Miami

I developed a brand identity and several print items for Float - A Rube Goldberg Festival.

Here’s how it works: along with a team of up to 6 members, build a contraption which allows a balloon to float away in the least practical way possible. Use the supplies provided in 5 large cardboard boxes—the contents of which will only be revealed when the clock starts. Be sure to use them creatively, because you’ll be judged on your innovative use of the materials given, as well as functionality and visual interest. When you need a break, check out the Violet Stage for live music, enjoy the three boxed meals provided, or purchase additional refreshment from food trucks on site. You have 24 hours to collect your box, find your designated lot, and build. (Sadly, the event is fictional—I invented it for the purpose of a class project.)

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