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For my capstone project at Duke, I created an interactive data portrait which visualizes personal data I collected over the course of the semester.

I spent several months filling out Google surveys as randomly prompted by an app on my phone, using a GPS logging app to record location data, and sifting through email records and other information that was already digitally stored. To automatically update the site with the latest data, I filled out surveys using Google Forms which automatically stored results in a Google Spreadsheet and then parsed the data using Tabletop.js. With this live data, graphics are drawn on page load using JavaScript and a few D3 shortcuts.

See the live project here. Works best in Chrome on a desktop browser.

The live site focuses on three categories of data: flight records, location data, and responses to surveys regarding my eating habits and activities.

In the initial phases of the project, I listed dozens of categories that I could easily track: what was I eating? what color was it? how many calories? who did I spend time with? what did we talk about? where did I spend time? The possibilities are limitless. Furthermore, from Facebook messages to emails, there are massive amounts of data already collected about my life that I could sift through. In the end, I realized that I needed to limit my scope to make the project feasible in a condensed timeframe. As a result, I collected much more data than I was able to use and hope to expand upon the project in the future.

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