several items on a wooden table: an open book, a vase, a paintbrush, a leaf

One day, I found myself drawing shapes to represent how I was feeling.

A straight line for boredom; jagged scribbles when I felt impatient. This series of doodles evolved into the Simplicity project, where I set out to represent various feelings and concepts through simple linear designs. The goal of the project was not to create a symbol that could be easily identified; rather, I wanted to use a simple line drawing to evoke a particular emotion.

a series of abstract lines representing various emotions and concepts


Courage is defined as strength in the face of fear, pain, or grief. Here, the mass of twisted, tangled lines represents this obstacle. The circle in the lower corner remains close to the tangled lines, facing the challenge rather than fleeing.


Although lines wander within the square shape, they remain contained and have explored most of the inner area, indicating familiarity. Finally, the line ventures beyond the implicit walls, searching for newness and the adventure which will come with it.


Arrows pointing in different directions and a tangle of curved lines evoke a sense of confusion and disorder.


The curved lines represent the twists and turns of every day life; the two rectangles stick together through both the highs and lows.


Equality does not require identicality, but rather, that individuals are afforded the same status, rights, and opportunities. Here, the triangle and circle are clearly not the same, but the scale remains balanced.


Fear makes us feel small, and a natural reaction to fear is to shrink inwards to protect oneself. Here, the overall image is reduced in scale and the lines curve inwards to evoke this feeling.


The outer curve evokes the outline of a stomach; the empty space and smaller shape within convey a sense of emptiness.


The figures are grouped together and follow a clear pattern; the arrangement of the circles alludes to a musical chord.


The largest circle leads the way; smaller circles trail behind, sometimes veering from the line but following the overall path that has been created.


The five figures at the base of the image stand together; the flowing line arched above them evokes a falling weight that they can only bear together.


The straight lines create a sense of calm; the spiral at the end conveys continuity. The gaps in the line evoke the passage of time to create a sense of waiting.


Tradition involves following customs that have been passed down for generations; here, the lines remain within a boxed shape to evoke this type of thinking. The spiral also speaks to repetition and continuity.


Smooth lines and sweeping curves evoke a sense of calm.

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